Since I started this blog in 2013, it has languished in the pile of unread blogs. I have not posted to it. My focus was not focused. With no clear idea of what I wanted to do, I posted a few of the ideas that were on my mind at the time. Then I stopped posting.

My ideas are still murky, but my intent is crystal. I will be posting about many subjects. Perhaps an interest will become clear, or maybe not. What I will write about is what interests me. Be warned; I can get a little strange. But, my ideas are my own.

I am intending to post regularly. (Regularity can be many things.😉)

I thought about taking down my previous posts, but I’m going to leave them up for now.

Since this blog is a work-in-progress, I may change things around a bit. I am going to experiment here. I make no promises. So, if you are reading this, I hope you are entertained a little.

This is going to be a journey. Welcome aboard.

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