Teaching This Old Dog New Tricks

By CM Strawn 9/17/19

          Because of my age and an old injury that has returned to thwart my ability to continue physically hard work, I am forced to change careers late in life to replace the income which I lost. Writing is a desire that I’ve had for many years and freelance business writing is the area that I have chosen. This requires a new skillset and there is a learning curve.

          Now, when I should be enjoying the reward of my years of hard work, I am reduced to a meager existence once more. The temptation to succumb to self-pity often threatens to break my will. There are times when I feel that the struggle is more than I am capable of. It would be easy to let myself slip quietly into a pit of despair from which there would be no rescue.

          In my years I have learned that soldiering on requires determination in the face of hardship. It is a universal truth that adversity accompanies any worthy purpose. Perseverance is not easy. The dedication required to keep moving forward when things are difficult and seem impossible is hard. But the reward for reaching the goal is eminently worth the effort.

          One major universal truth that I have experienced is that the ability to persist beyond what seems possible and human endurance is not within the natural realm. This kind of strength comes from the supernatural and requires faith. “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” and it comes from God.

          Only after exhausting all my human reserves does dependence on something greater than myself become an absolute necessity. When I have nothing left, God provides the strength necessary to push through to the end. After achieving what seemed impossible, I realize that it has been God within me that has done the impossible. It is not I that have accomplished anything, but God through me has finished what I started. God, not I, gets the honor.

          “All things are possible to him who believes”. My career change seems impossible to me because I am set in my ways and change is uncomfortable. Yet, I know that if I set my mind on making a new freelance writing career, and believe, that God will do the impossible. “With men it is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” So, I am moving forward in faith and the confidence that Jesus Christ does care and provides all our needs. “All things are possible through Christ, who strengthens me.”

          There is nothing that I cannot accomplish; no goal out of reach; no worthy ambition that will be left unrealized if I have faith to believe. After having made a plan and having presented it to the God; after prayers have been offered; when I have peace about the goal that I have set; then it is time to move forward, trusting that each step that I take has been directed by The LORD.

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