BLOGGING: Write Content That Is Interesting and Unique


By CM Strawn 9/21/19

          Blog content must be unique and interesting. Here’s the rub. Virtually everything that can be said has been said on every subject that can be imagined. That leaves a re-hash of chewed-on information that has been regurgitated in every form conceivable, times innumerable. Unique and interesting may as well be the treasure lost and never found.

          New information is impossible to get. That is, unless a new species thought to have been extinct for eons is discovered in the deepest most remote jungle of the Amazon. Even there the information has been around for a long time, it just has a new face. How to get from invisible to standing out like neon on a dark night.

          Give it a new face.

          See information for the first time – like a child, in awe and wonder. From this perspective, information can be viewed with new eyes – as a brand-new discovery. The old information has a new face.

          A child who sees something for the first time is exuberant, animated and effusive. They describe it with bubbling, infectious enthusiasm to whoever will listen. Have that same awe and wonder – the eyes and heart of a child – when viewing old information. Then use this perspective when writing posts. That will make the blog interesting and unique.

                   Resources are easily found to help inspire original angles to worn out subjects. One has only to Google it. Ideas will rise that give birth to new faces for old facts.

          People exist who have not seen information that has been available for ever. Maybe they have been living in a bubble, isolated from society. Or, they have been marooned on an uncharted desert isle. More likely it is their first time researching this subject. Be the blog that first introduces them to that subject.

          There are hundreds of books, blogs and papers that cover every subject exhaustively. Be the one blog that gives this information a new twist that allows someone to finally wrap their mind around a subject.

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