Writing is Not Easy

C.M. Strawn 3/20/2023

Commitment to Writing

Writing is not for the faint of heart, a cliché that is spot on. (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.) Regular posting to my blog should be on the top of my do list, but I have abandoned it for long stretches.

Not to make excuses, but I have been engaged in writing books. The logical answer to this statement is, why not do both? Yes. Why not do both? Again, I can excuse myself by claiming I didn’t have time to do both, but in reality, I have been lazy.

Commitment is easily said, and the word rolls off the tongue fluidly with very little effort. It is one of those words that feels good when spoken but becomes harsh when put into practice. Commitment’s close relative is discipline. When joined together in exercise, these words conspire to make life difficult.

It is not enough to occasionally write something serendipitous and expect to improve the quality of one’s craft. No. This task must be repeated daily in addition to all the other life chores that consume one’s time and energy. Writing, when taken seriously, is a demanding master but worth the time and effort invested.

For me, writing is cathartic regardless of the type of writing I am engaged in. I find something gratifying about inscribing my thoughts onto the page, which is why I write.

Writing Honestly

When conversing with others, their opposing point of view is always desirable for increasing my knowledge base, assuming that the opposite opinion has value. But writing is a solitary occupation, so there is no contradicting point of view to draw upon. This controversy must come from research, and that must be done honestly.

Establishing a point of view in favor of a subject and then conducting research that negates the opposite view is opinion writing, not objective writing that examines both sides of an issue or argument.

If opinion writing is the point, there is nothing wrong with writing persuasively for one side of an issue. But if I want to side-step information that weakens the opposite argument to appear objective, in that case, that isn’t ethical and should be avoided to protect my credibility.

Have Fun Writing

I don’t mean to imply that writing is a drudge fraught with misery and frustration. Sometimes writing is difficult, and other times it is a breeze. Sometimes words flow effortlessly onto the page with little or no editing needed. This doesn’t happen often, but it does happen.

Most of the time, I enjoy watching my ideas take shape in the form of words, sentences, paragraphs, and finished work. Watching my writing come together is most satisfying, whether easy or difficult. I am most satisfied with the more difficult pieces I have written because I have more invested in them.

I have fun when I am writing. Of my many skills, it is the one I get the most satisfaction from. From my imagination, I produce work that will last beyond my lifetime. What more can anyone ask than to be remembered in a small way?

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