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I am a retired truck driver. I'm over 65, so I'm old enough to know better but still too young to care. My mind is stuck at 25, but my body disagrees.

In my time I have also been a welder, a soldier, a salesman, a carpenter and a cop. I have a two-year junior college degree and a PhD in Life.

I love the outdoors. Raised in the country, live in the city, still love adventure. My goal is to live until I die and die living.

I love God, my family and my country, in that order. I believe in Jesus, hard work and taking responsibility.

There's no better place to live than the United States of America, in my opinion, where there is opportunity for all.

That's who I am.

Writer’s Block Is Real: How To Fix It

There is nothing more terrifying than staring at a blank screen. Especially when a deadline is peaking over the monitor with a nasty smirk. Desperation has crept onto the keyboard and panic has slammed and bolted creativity’s door.
Several ideas pass through the cranial cavity unimpeded. Capturing the elusive cogent thought has proven impossible. There is no question; the diagnosis is Writer’s Block.
It is a nefarious demon that plagues every writer with varying degrees of frequency and effectiveness. Find out what it is and what to do about it.