Love Your Neighbor

God’s law teaches us to deny ungodliness and to live righteously, doing good works.

After faith in Jesus Christ, the most important thing we do is good things. This is encapsulated in the words of Jesus – “Love you neighbor as yourself.”

If God had said “Love your brother”, He would have limited our love to those who were believers, leaving out the greater number of non-believers. But, God said to “Love your neighbor” – including everyone, not a select few.

By loving our neighbor, we love the good and the bad. This makes us salt and light in a fallen world where goodness is all but absent. Without believers, who love their neighbor, there would be no expression of God’s love in a fallen world.

Because God sacrificed Himself, in the person of Jesus Christ, the Son, for all men, He expects believers, His followers, to take the love that God gives them and share it with everyone with whom they come in contact, both believer and non-believer alike, so that God’s love is spread throughout the world.

The Holy Spirit works in the hearts of whom He chooses, to draw them to the Son for salvation. We are not given the right to withhold God’s love from anyone. Jesus died for all men. Believers are called to share the love of God in Jesus Christ with all men in the name of Jesus Christ.

Believers need to hear the gospel over and over, because it gives refreshing to the famished soul seeking to please God. The gospel is food for the believing soul.

The gospel – Jesus is the Savior – is the message to unbelievers to draw them to Jesus Christ, The Savior. Also, it is the energy source of the believer, and their purpose in life. Sharing the gospel with unbelievers is our goal. Sharing the gospel with believers is our encouragement and nourishment.

Because we are saved in Jesus Christ, and have His righteousness, we are no longer “sinners”,(even though we still sin as humans), because our sins are forgiven in Jesus Christ.

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