The work that Jesus accomplished on the cross removes wrath from the believer allowing them free and unlimited access to the Father. That access is necessarily through the Father’s Son, Jesus the Christ.
Because the love of the Father rests on believers, He sent the Son to remove barriers of access to Him. God, who loves believers has compassion on them and lifts them up from their misery. The depth of the Father’s love for believers is immeasurable.

It is one thing for a soldier to wear the uniform. It is quite another to stand steadfast in battle. Our faith is perfected by pressure. The trials of life draw believers closer to Christ, making them more like Him. Depending more and more on God through the roughest trials and everyday challenges – even momentary victories- makes believers more like Jesus.

Developing faith in God through Jesus Christ is the purpose of this life. Believers develop and perfect their relationship with God through the trials of life. This results in close and personal relationship between Christ and the disciple.

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