Content Marketing Writing

Why It’s So Important

            Content marketing writing is an article or post that provides useful information related to your product or service. It is usually found on your company blog.

            If you don’t have a blog, start one. It isn’t unprofessional or pedestrian. Serious visitors who are researching to find a solution to their problem will be looking for your blog.

            Give away awesome content relating to your product or service that visitors can use. Caution – don’t make this content a sales pitch. Constantly pitching visitors to buy your product may cause them to leave your site never to return.

            Provide real value in an article that relates to your business without mentioning your business. At the end of the article give your business name and email in one short sentence. Your website already tells visitors who you are and what you do.

            This is content marketing writing. The idea is to give information to visitors that will be useful to them.

            Visitors who find useful information may turn into prospects. Prospects turn into customers if they find that your product or service helps them solve a problem, supply a need or fulfill a want.

            By giving them something of value you are saying that you care about your customers. This helps you build rapport.

            Most of your customers are common people with common problems, regardless of their job title. They appreciate someone who takes the time to address one of their issues. You do this with content marketing writing. You are building a relationship.

            It doesn’t matter if visitors to your company website have not purchased anything from you. The chances are greater that they will become customers if you provide solid articles or posts that they can use. It is still promoting you and your company, but with subtly and panache.

            There are many ways an article can be used to provide value. Describe a common problem related to your business and discuss the ways that problem can be solved. How about a how-to article? Maybe an explanation of a little known or misunderstood concept, idea, thing, etc.

            Content articles come in several forms. Some are blog posts. Others are infographics or podcasts. Still others are videos. Whatever form your content takes, make it valuable and professional.

            These articles must be thorough and well written. Don’t scrimp. Visitors will bolt if they feel like they are being scammed. It’s easy for visitors to tell if you are just slapping something up for looks. This is no place for insincerity.

            If you don’t have the time to write articles because of management responsibilities, find a good writer. Try to find someone who is familiar with your type of product or service.

            The better the article or post, the more comfortable visitors will be with you. You don’t have to be glitzy or slick. Just be honest.

            Build credibility and trust. Establish yourself as an authority. When a prospect has a problem, who do you think they will come to first?

            Rapport starts with your website. If they like your content, they will visit your website often. People are more comfortable when they are doing business with someone they are familiar with.

            Visitors will appreciate that you are trying to help them. This will give them confidence in you. They are more likely to turn to you to help them solve their problem in the future.

            Your customer is the most valuable part of your business. Let them know how important they are to you. Give them content that says you care about them. Make it personal.

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