Quality Content and Credibility

By CM Strawn 11-13-2019

There is no substitute for quality.

         Quality is the care you take when crafting a blog post or content marketing article.

         If you have a business or if you are a professional blogger, quality is important to your image. Even the hobby blogger should be concerned with quality. Your content should be the best you can produce whatever your reason for posting it.

         There are many aids to assist you when creating content. Some of them are free or come with the word processing software. There are also paid apps for grammar and spelling. Learning to use them will help prevent many common errors.

Appearance is important.

         Well-crafted content is easy and pleasing to read. The reader can focus on the information without stumbling over typos, misspelled words and misplaced commas. No one likes to be assaulted with shoddy work.

         You want readers to see you in the best possible way. That’s why you put your best work forward. Quality is important if for no other reason than self-respect.

Research is not an option.

         Good research is vitally important. It is the medicine that prevents the embarrassment of misstatements.

         Do you know what you are talking about? The statement sounds brash, but it is well worth considering.

         You may be able to write without researching if you are very familiar with your subject. If you are not sure about any point, look it up to be certain.

         It’s easy to get careless when facing a deadline. There’s a strong temptation to throw facts on the page and hope they are correct.

         Take the extra minute to make sure you have it right. It’s not worth losing customers and followers over a preventable indiscretion.

Search engines and SEO.

         Search engines are picky about your content. They are looking for usable information that helps readers. Too many repeated keywords or spammy structure will send your site to the abyss.

         Using best practices will help insure you rank high. Stick with the basics of quality and you’ll be safe. Post work that you are proud of and readers and search engines will be happy.

         Get to know Search Engine Optimization. It is complex, but there are many affordable courses out there. Check out      

Quality helps readers feel comfortable.

         Paying attention to quality gives readers a sense of security. They feel comfortable when they read content that is well put together.

         First time visitors to a website are expecting to be impressed. A poorly crafted post can cause them to bounce away. Take the time to write the material that you want to read.

         You want readers to feel like they can depend on the information you have given them. Solid content crafted in a friendly, inviting way will help convert prospects into customers and/or followers.

Your content reflects your personality.

          Your posts reflect who you are. Well written, useful content reflects someone of good character and trustworthiness. Without these qualities you won’t have a business or a following.

         Content that is poor quality gives the impression that you may be carless about your business. This could hurt you even though you conduct your business with meticulous integrity. Make sure your content is of the same quality as your business character.

Hire a writer.

         Running a business is time consuming. There is not always enough time for everything. Delegating responsibility is an essential part of management.  

         Maybe you are too busy putting out fires to write high quality content. There may be someone who knows your business who can write well. It could help you to farm out the writing responsibilities to that person.

         If you are a solopreneur, set aside time to write. If that isn’t possible, consider hiring a content writer on or Editing the writing of others may save you time and give you good content.

Plan your posts in advance.

         Decide what the articles will be about. Make a list and schedule the days to write the articles and when they will post. If you have a writer, send the list to them.

         Having your posts prepared ahead of time will save the frustration of missed deadlines and sloppy work. You or your writer will know when each article will post so there will be no confusion. The polishing should be done before the post goes public.

         Quality will be insured with time to edit each article. This will give your business and/or blog credibility with your readers.

         Instill confidence with your quality content and prospects will turn into customers.

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