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Best Time to Become a Truck Driver

The trucking industry is cyclical and goes up and down with the economy. There have been good years and not so good years. In my experience, there has never been a time when an experienced driver couldn’t get a job, or a new driver couldn’t get started.
I have always been able to get a job with benefits and good pay.

Back to Basics: Revision

Revision is the most necessary fundamental in the process of writing. Ideas and concepts introduced in the first draft are just the basic elements. Until writing has been revised, rewritten, edited and proofread, it is not ready for publication. Read on for a basic guide to revision.

To DIY A Website: Or Not

If you’re in business, you need a website. Should you design a website yourself? Or should you hire a web designer? The answer depends on your time commitment and your financial rescources.
Learn about some of what’s involved in building a website. Should you do-it-yourself or hire a professional?